Purchasing the Church and Preserving Our History

The Balfour District Business and Historical Association’s (BDBHA) most recent and ambitious project is the acquisition of the historic St. Michael and All Angels’ Anglican Church in Balfour. Built in 1892, St. Michael has been the focal point of worship and community events for 128 years.  In February, 2020, the BDBHA signed a Contract of Purchase and Sale with the Diocese of Kootenay, Anglican Church of Canada, to acquire the historical structure and property. The Association’s goal is to raise approximately $35,000 to complete the purchase. The closing date for the sale is February, 2021.

      The BDBHA expects to raise the money through raffles, sales and other fundraising events as well as donations. Unfortunately, like all not-for-profit organizations, the BDBHA is forced to work within the challenging protocols of the COVID-19 public health crisis in planning all of its upcoming fundraisers. The BDBHA intends to stay the course with its campaign through these difficult times and hopes that, with the good will of donors and supporters in our community, we will reach our goal.

       After the purchase has been finalized, the BDBHA intends to keep the former church largely intact, with the exception of some minor renovations to improve public access and usability. Under the BDBHA’s management, this valuable heritage building, in the hub of Balfour, will begin a new chapter in its career as the St. Michael’s and All Angels Chapel and Performance Centre. The BDBHA is convinced that the new Centre can be economically sustainable. The Association foresees the little Chapel as a vibrant part of the growing number of small, multi-purpose, entertainment venues offered year-round in the region, like Kaslo’s Langham Cultural Centre, the Silverton Gallery and other Art and Cultural community landmarks. The Chapel will continue to be home for the Christian Science Church.